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Whether you shop online or in a store thieves hackers and scammers are always looking for a way to hook you. Many of us love the convenience and speed of online shopping. Keep these tips in mind when completing your shopping this season.


  • Don't click on a link contained in an email or social media unless you are absolutely sure the message is a legitimate business.
  • Before making a purchase from a new online vendor do a search which includes the "vendor name + scam" to see if there are complaints against the company and how they were handled.
  • When shopping at brick and mortar stores use your credit card instead of your debit card for greater protection.
  • After you complete your transaction make sure you secure your ID and credit card properly before moving on to your next destination
  • Review your bank and credit card online regularly to ensure there are no suspicious charges on your account. Remember you only have 60 days to dispute these charges in writing.


Are you a savvy consumer? Use our Scam Prevention Checklist to see how well you are doing.





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