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E-Mail: Jim Clark (Customer Service Chairperson)
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The Customer Service Committee is focused on enhancing the services provided to our customers. It is through a mutual respect for others and a general, caring attitude that the department will succeed in accomplishing its overall mission of excellence.Our department has been recognized as a leader in the delivery of a quality, cost-effective health and safety services.

Providing our services in a friendly, positive manner protects the department's image and produces better results.Each day we have an opportunity to reinforce the positive attitudes that are exhibited in our department.

Customer Service ... always on the job!
Customer Service ... always on "THE JOB!"
In an effort to promote the philosophy of "Raising the Bar," the department has recognized the Customer Service Committee that has programs in place that recognize an individual or individuals that go "The Extra Mile" in delivering quality customer service.

Palm Beach County Fire-Rescue is made up of a team of people recognizing the need to provide a high standard of care to the citizens in Palm Beach County. As a member of this elite team, we must maintain a positive attitude and keep our focus of good customer service in the forefront of our interactions with the public and one another.This positive attitude will ensure our team's success in delivering quality and efficient emergency services to the citizens we serve.

Embracing these concepts and building upon them will provide a culture where quality customer service becomes the norm and addressing all the customers' needs is just the way we do business.

Visit the Mile Marker Stories and see what your team members have been up to lately.

If you know of an individual or a group of individuals that continually "Go the Extra Mile!", email your Customer Service Representative with the details.

Remember, customer service is not just another committee, it's an attitude.