Address Change

There are two ways to notify our office of a change in mailing address.

E Address Change

E Address Change is available on your individual property's page. First, look up your real property or tangible personal property in the Search box on the homepage.


Then click Change of Address underneath the map image.

Change of Address Button

Then, simply follow the steps on the form. You’ll need to request a PIN to complete the process.

It's that easy!

Change of Address Form

If you'd prefer, download the Change of Mailing Address Form

This form will need to be completed manually and must include the 17-digit Property Control Number for Real Estate Property or the 6-digit Tangible Account Number shown in the upper left hand corner of each "NOTICE OF TAXES" on which an address is to be changed.

Please print, complete, ensure that it is signed and mail to:

Palm Beach County Property Appraiser
Governmental Center - First Floor
301 North Olive Avenue
West Palm Beach FL 33401