About this Image Monitoring Station: The camera station used to capture, assemble, and upload all the imagery seen on the Web page, is a system made by Erdman Video Systems (EVS) of Miami FL.

This particular camera station employs 2 cameras, both mounted on a high accuracy pan/tilt unit. The photo camera used is a 5.2 MegaPixel camera with 3x optical zoom, the Olympus C5060WZ. The video camera used is a Sony with 18x optical zoom and excellent low light capbilitites.  The cameras, with the added functionality of pan, tilt, and zoom, can be controled over the Internet by County officials and other authorized personnel.  Thus, a single system can serve the general public as a webcam and available to server local government agencies when needed.

The hardware consists of a low power Windows XP computer.  To increase reliability, an 8 bit microprocessor serves as an intelligent watch dog, with the ability to reboot the computer should problems develop. The result is a package that runs unattended and reliably for the long term, yet with unprecendented flexibility and power, thanks to the Windows environment.

The software is VM95, developed by EVS.  With 16 bit positioning resolution, pan tilt repositioning errors are extremely small, allowing precision panoramas to be made in an automated fashion.

For more information, see Erdman Video Systems.

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