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Why do I still have to pay a monthly fee even though my service has been suspended while I am out of town?

Base Facility Fees and Customer Account Fees are necessary to recover the on-going expenses required to keep service available to the property. Even though there is no water usage while you are out of town, the Department must operate and maintain the water and wastewater treatment plants, maintain the lines and lift stations, pay the principal and interest on the outstanding bonds, read the meters, and mail the bills. These costs continue to be incurred regardless of actual water consumption and are allocated to all of the Department's customers. Since the Department is a unit of County government and does not make a profit, other fees (such as the commodity rates per 1,000 gallons of usage) would need to be increased to cover the costs if these fees were not charged to all customers regardless of usage.

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Last Updated : 02/08/2007