Building Code List
The following is a list of currently adopted technical standards for construction in the unincorporated area of Palm Beach County.
PBC Code of Ordinances    
Model Codes:   Effective Date:
Building Code Chronologies   Historical
Florida Building Code, 5th Edition (2014)   06/30/15
ULDC Article 18, Flood Damage Prevention   09/06/11
2011 National Electric Code / NFPA 70                                  06/30/15
Effective Date Unincorporated PBC:
PBC Amendments to the Florida Building Code, 5th Edition (2014)   07/27/15
PBC Amendments to the Florida Building Code 2010 Edition - Chapter 1 Administration, Technical Amendments and Appendix F Landscape Irrigation Systems   3/20/12
PBC Amendments to the Florida Building Code 2007 Edition - Chapter 1 Administration, Basic Wind Speed Map of Palm Beach County and Appendix F Landscape Irrigation Systems   03/01/09
PBC Amendments to the Florida Building Code 2004 Edition   10/01/05
PBC Amendments to the Florida Building Code 2001 Edition   03/01/02

Policy and Procedure Memorandum
MD-RI-002 Permitting of Nonresidential Farm Buildings (or Farm Operations)
PBO-006 Surveys
PBO-007 Soil Investigation
PBO-008 Electrical Power Release
PBO-009 Driveway Swales, Sidewalks & Turnouts
PBO-011 Emergency & Miscellaneous Inspection Policy
PBO-012 Partial Inspection Policy
PBO-019 Field Inspection Correction Notice
PBO-024 Owner Builder Permits & Contracting Exemptions
PBO-032 Certificates of Occupancy & Completion
PBO-033 Inspection Completion Agreements
PBO-038 Construction Lien Law
PBO-043 Permitting of Minor Structures of Service Systems in Easements
PBO-044 Drainage
PBO-046 Temporary Safety Fencing for Pools and Spas
PBO-048 Sizing Single Water Meter, Serving More than One Dwelling Unit
PBO-053 PBC Owned or Leased Buildings
PBO-054 Thoroughfare Protection

PBO-059 – Phased Permit Approval / Foundation Permits

PBO-060 – Annual E-Sub/Fax Permit Program No-Fee Sub-Permit

PBO-078 – Permit Validity, Duration & Changes

PBO-081 – Permit Application Processing Procedures

PBO-084 – Solid Waste Fees

PBO-086 – Use of Affidavits for the Reroofing of Existing Site-Built Single Family Residential Structures

PBO-089 – Residential Patio and Porch Enclosures, And Sunrooms

PBO-090 – Plans Revisions During Construction

PBO-094 – Roof Covering Systems, Reroofing & Hurricane Mitigation Retrofits During Site-Built, Single-Family Reroofs

PBO-098 – Parking Lot Repaving & Improvements

PBO-099 – Master Plans & Permitting from Approved Masters

PBO-100 – Mobile/Manufactured Homes

PBO-102 – Annual Permit to Building Owners for Repairs/Replacements with Maintenance Employees

PBO-104 – In-Ground Swimming Pool and Spa Permitting

PBO-105 – LP Gas Container Location

PBO-109 – Platting as a Pre-Requisite for Permit Applications

PBO-110 – Demolition Permits

PBO-111 – Annual Permits With Random Inspections for Code Compliance Assurance (aka Decal Program)

PBO-113 – Rush and Affidavit Permits

PBO-114 – Membrane Covered Structure

PBO-115 – Use of Private Providers for Plan Review and/or Inspections

PBO-116 – Prepaid Required Permits and Associated Inspections

PBO-118 – Local Product Approval Per Rule 61G20-3

PBO-125 – Zero Lot Line Construction and the Florida Building Code, 5th Edition (2014)

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