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Crime Victim's Rights


As a crime victim in the State of Florida, you have specific rights according to the Constitution and State Laws. Some of these include the right...

  • to be informed, to be present, and to be heard when relevant, at all crucial stages of a Criminal or Juvenile proceeding, to the extent that right does not interfere with the Constitutional rights of the accused;

  • to information concerning services available including Victim Compensation, community-based treatment programs, crisis intervention services, counseling and social services;

  • to the prompt and timely disposition of the case, to the extent that this right does not interfere with the Constitutional rights of the accused;

  • to have your property returned to you as soon as possible after the investigation and/or prosecution is completed, unless there is a compelling reason for its retention;

  • to have a Victim Advocate present during any depositions of the victim;

  • to request, for specific crimes, an exemption prohibiting the disclosure of information to the public which reveals your identification.

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