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Frequently Ask Questions

  1. Q: How can I find out about the schedule for Metropolitan Planning Organization board meetings?
    A: Look at the MPO website to find out where and when board meetings are regularly held for the MPO, TAC (Technical Advisory Committee), CAC (Citizen Advisory Committee), and TDCB (Transportation Disadvantage Coordinating Board). Or, you can call them at 561-684-4170.

  2. Q: I would like to find out about board membership. Who should I call? And, how can I read the meeting minutes?
    A: For both of these questions, call the MPO at 561-684-4170.

  1. Q: How do I make an anonymous code-related complaint about my neighbor?
    A: You can call Code Enforcement at 233-5500 to make an anonymous complaint. You do not have to leave your name and address.

  2. Q:  How do I get a boat trailer parking permit?
    A:  A boat trailer parking permit is required at all five county-operated saltwater boat ramps.  Permits (daily, annual, or commercial) must be purchased in advance for Bert Winters, Burt Reynolds, Jim Barry Light Harbor, Juno, and Phil Foster parks. Permits can be purchased online or in person at John Prince Park and West Jupiter Recreation Center.  Commercial permits must be purchased through the mail or in person at John Prince Park.  Permits are valid Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 of the calendar year they are purchased. Permits are non-refundable and non-transferable.  Fees will not be prorated.

  3. Q: What types of home improvements require a building permit?
    A: As a general rule of thumb, ask the Building Division at 233-5100 before proceeding. Most improvements such as fences, sheds, enclosures, concrete patios, walkways and slabs, roof repairs and re-roofing require permits. A simple call can save a great deal of headaches later. You may also want to check to see if the contractor is licensed. Contact the Contractor Certification Division at 233-5525 for information on your contractor of choice. Make sure that the contractor is licensed in Palm Beach County.

  4. Q: My neighbor is outside burning brush/trash. Is a permit required for this?
    A: Yes, a permit is required for burning. Contact the Fire Marshal’s office at 616-7030 for more information.

  5. Q: How can I renew my business license
    A: There are six Tax Collector locations for obtaining or renewing a business license (formerly called the occupational license).  For more information, call 355-2272.

  6. Q. What is a contractor’s license and how do I determine if I or the person I hire needs one?
    A: A contractor’s license is a certificate of competency that allows the holder to contract for work in a regulated construction trade and obtain permits, if required, from the county or municipal authority.  Anyone who undertakes work (or does the work by themselves) or submits a bid to construct, repair, add to, subtract from, or improve any building, structure or subsystem, must hold a contractors license. Some exemptions apply.

    A contractor’s license may be obtained from the Construction Industry Licensing Board of Palm Beach County (CILB/PBC) Contractors Certification Division.  Visit the website for contractor certification frequently asked questions.  The process consists of completing an application which must be approved by the CILB/PBC and taking a competency exam. The competency exam consists of a two-part examination: business/law and trade.

    A list of trades requiring licensure is on the Contractors Certification Division website. Applications may be obtained in person, by mail or online.  Then point and click on Contractors Certification near the top center of the page.

  7. Q:  How can I find out about county codes?
    A:  You can look at the Code Enforcement website for more information on codes.

  8. Q: Do I need a license to open a day care facility?
    A: You should call the Palm Beach County Health Department at 837-5900 or visit the Child Care Licensing Web page. 

  9. Q: How do I get an excavation permit?
    A: Call Environmental Resources Management’s Excavation Natural Resources Protection Section at 233-2400, or visit the Web page on excavation and littoral zones for more information.

  10. Q: Do I need a permit to fill my pond?
    A: No permit is required from the Health Department, but you may check with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection southeast office at 681-6600.

  11. Q: How do I get a marriage license?
    A:  For information on marriage licenses, visit the Clerk & Comptroller of Palm Beach County website or call 355-2996. 

  12. Q: How can I get a roadside vendor permit?
    A: Palm Beach County has a Roadside Vendors Ordinance which permits limited use of a county right of way for the sale of produce, plants, flowers and prepared foods in unincorporated areas. The application package can be mailed to you upon request by contacting the Engineering and Public Works Department Traffic Division at 684-4030. After reading the ordinance package, you may select a location and apply for a permit.

  13. Q: Do contractors need to have a license to repair underground storage tanks?
    A: Yes, all contractors must have a special license issued by the state in order to install, remove or perform repairs to an underground tank system. A closure assessment must also be performed whenever a tank is removed from a site with no previous contamination history. For more information on storage tank cleanup, compliance, construction, inspection or removal, call Environmental Resources Management’s Storage Tank Cleanup and Compliance Section at 233-2400, or visit the Web pages on petroleum contamination cleanup or pollutant storage tank compliance

  14. Q: Do I need a vegetation removal permit to remove a tree on my property?
    A: Agricultural parcels greater than 10 acres and all commercial and government parcels regardless of size must obtain a written approval from Environmental Resources Management (ERM) before removing native vegetation.  Single-family lots that are conducting improvements specified on a building department site plan or to remove a native tree with declining vigor or posing a documentable hazard to the property do not need a written approval from ERM before being removed.  The removal of trees planted for landscaping should be reviewed by the PBC Zoning Department/Landscape Section.  They may be contacted at 233-5038 to see if a permit is required.  For more information on vegetation permitting required by Environmental Resources Management, contact the Natural Resources Protection Section at 233-2400 or visit the Web page on protection of native vegatation.

  15. Q: How can I get a water-ski permit?
    A:  Okeeheelee Park has a competitive water-ski course.  You can call Parks & Recreation at 966-6620 or download the Okeeheelee Park rules and ski course permit.

  16. Q: How do I obtain a permit to operate a business in a wellfield? A: Call Environmental Resources Management’s Natural Resources Protection Section at 233-2400 to determine if the facility is within a wellfield zone. The department will provide an application form to be completed for a permit to operate in a wellfield zone. Depending on the proximity of the facility to the wells, the permit will specify various safeguards that should be instituted to help prevent a spill or regulated substances from contaminating the water supply. These safeguards may include providing spill containment and cleanup, monitoring of groundwater for contamination, and inspecting storage containers for leaks. For more information on the wellfield permitting, visit the Web page on wellfield protection in Palm Beach County.