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Agricultural Classification


We are pleased to provide you with this ApplicationAdobe PDF Document for Agricultural Classification.

The Agricultural Classification is granted to properties that qualify as a bona fide commercial agricultural use of the land.  Agricultural land has value because of its productivity and its ability to generate income.  On your tax bill, the Taxable Value of land classified as agricultural is based on the number of acres multiplied by an agricultural use value, instead of market value.  The value is determined for each agricultural property type based on its ability to generate income.  The total taxable value is derived by adding the value of the improvements to the agricultural land value.  The agricultural classification is not an exemption.  There will not be any entry under exemptions for the agricultural classification.  The reduction in taxes attributable to the Agricultural Classification is reflected in the assessed and taxable value of the land.

To qualify for Agricultural Classification, please submit the applicationAdobe PDF Document between January 1 and March 1. For more information, call us at (561) 355-2646 or contact