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The “More Search Options” tool can be used to locate properties using criteria such as owner name, address, parcel control number, subdivision, municipality, and other options. If you are searching for sales, you should use either our nearby sales search option or the advanced sales search option.
Property Type    
Owner Name (Last Name first)   Example: Smi or Smith or Smith John

Street # Prefix Street Name Suffix Post
Parcel Control Number Example: 74-42-43-15-04-002-0274 or
Subdivision Example: HAMILTON BAY SECTIONS 1A & 1B
Book/Page   /  Example: 04566/0246
Condo Complex Example: Golden Lakes Village
Zip Code
Property Use Type
Range-Township-Section   -    - Example: 42 - 43 - 32
Legal Description Example: HAMILTON BAY SECTIONS 1A & 1B
Tangible Personal Property Search Options
Specify one or more search criteria below and click "Search"
Tangible ID Example: 16 or 162 or 1623 or 162345
Account Name Example: Ex: Joe's Flower Shop

Street # Prefix Street Name Suffix Post
Parcel Control Number Example: 74-42-43-15-04-000-0270 or 74424315040000270

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