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Busy Weekend for the Honor Guard and the Pipe and Drum Band

Palm Beach County, Florida
November 10th , 2009

On Saturday Nov 7, the honor guard and Pipe Band presented colors on the track at the Palm Beach Kennel Club for the kick off of South Florida Fire Fest. That night the band split and half went to play at Slaintes for the after burner party for Fire Fest. The rest of the band were the guests of the United States Marine Corps. 4th ANGLICO. The band played at the USMC 2009 Birthday Ball celebrating 234 years of the USMC. PBCFR's own Tony Acosta and Lee Bronco were in attendance also.

The band than went and played at the Combat Challenge Teams fundraiser in PB Gardens. On Sunday, Nov. 8. both groups went and marched in the Veterans Day parade down Clematis St. in West Palm Beach. Special thanks to the Black Pearl , Browards Bravest Pipes and Drums and Engine 24 "C" for the help over the weekend.


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