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PBCFR Crews Battle Early Morning Mulch Fire
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on March 25th , 2015

At 1am on Tuesday March 23, 2015 crews responded to reports of a fire just west of the Turnpike. First arriving Firefighters reported a large pile of mulch on approximately acre that was actively burning on the 120 block of Armadillo Way. There were two exposures, construction equipment, which the crews immediately started protecting from the fire. With the assistance of the Florida Division of Forestry cutting a fire line the incident was contained. Crews remained on location for the next several days maintaining a fire watch on the burning mulch.

Battalion One Battles Brush Fire Near Kennedy Estates
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on March 25th , 2015

On Sunday night March 22 crews from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Battalion One responded to reports of a brush fire near the 6900 block of 174th Street North in the Jupiter area. Callers reported visible flames and smoke just east of Interstate 95 in the Jupiter Commerce Park area. First arriving firefighters reported a brush fire in a commercial area located behind Kennedy Estates.
The location is a 30 acre heavily wooded/brush area with limited access. Working throughout the evening with the Florida Division of Forestry crews were able to contain this fire. Remaining hot spots were extinguished by midday Monday. It is estimated that approximately five acres had burned.

Chicago Fire Department visits Palm Beach County Fire Rescue
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on March 25th , 2015

Chicago FD recently visited and toured our ITS Division, Operations and Dispatch Center to learn how we use Telestaff to staff the department and fill overtime

Chief Jeff Collins and Division Chief Chris Hoch Continue to Give to United Way
Fleet Director Tim Calhoun. Posted on March 16th , 2015

Chief Jeff Collins and Division Chief Chris Hoch Continue to Give to United Way

56% of all County employees donated $452,000 (12% increase) back to the community we live in thru this year's United Way Campaign. Chair of this year's campaign Chief Jeff Collins and Division Chief Hoch promised if Fire Rescue employees gave over $100,000 they would shave their heads. Tuesday at the Post United Way meeting they did just that in front of the United Way Coordinators.

The post meeting was truly a time to celebrate because of the support each Department showed during the campaign. Some of the highlights were that several Departments achieved 100% participation (Legislative Affairs; Risk Management; and Tourist Development Council). Large Departments like Park and Recreation (88%); Water Utilities (79%); Facilities Development and Operations (68%); Information System Services (80%) and OFMB (71%) participation were outstanding. All of the Departments did a great job and thank you to each of the Coordinators for asking every employee to consider this worthy cause.

Since Bob Weisman has been our County Administrator the employees of Palm Beach County under his leadership have donated over $4,619,867.77 (this number represents years 1998 to present).

Gas Leak Causes Evacuation of Plaza in Western Boca Raton
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on March 13th , 2015

On Monday afternoon March, 9, 2015 Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Battalion 5 and Special Operations 34 responded to reports of a gas leak at 23193 Sandlefoot Plaza Dr ( Sandlefoot Plaza). First arriving crews reported a heavy smell of gas and started investigating for the source. Firefighters quickly identified the gas coming from several storm drains and the south end of the Plaza was evacuated for safety. Firefighting crews working with FPU discovered an approximately 2 inch line that was leaking natural gas. After several hours of work the crews were able to stop this gas leak and allow the plaza to reopen.

PBCFR P.E.T.S. Program Receives Mask Donation
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on March 13th , 2015

Since its initial launch in October 2014, The Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Pet Emergency Treatment & Services Program (P.E.T.S) mission is to provide high quality care for animals involved in emergency incidents. On March 5th, 2015 the organization held a press conference at PBCFR headquarters to announce the donation of 55 pet oxygen mask kits from the Community Assistance and Benefit Corporation (CAB Corp.). The donation will allow PBCFR to fully staff every fire rescue apparatus with a pet oxygen mask kit.

Crews Respond to Airplane Crash in Wildlife Refuge
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on March 12th , 2015

At 12:56pm Monday, March 2, 2015 crews from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue responded to reports of an aircraft crash near Lee Rd and S State Road 7 in western Palm Beach County. First arriving crews reported a small aircraft crash in the Arthur Marshall Wildlife Refuge Area. Fire crews accessed the area of the crash using aerial apparatus and ladders to walk on the marshland without sinking.
Investigation of the crash is being handled by NTSB, FAA and PBSO.

Battalion One Handles Early Morning High-Rise Structure Fire
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on March 3rd , 2015

On Monday morning February 23 crews from Battalion One and Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue responded to reports of a high-rise structure fire at 201 South Seas Drive in Jupiter. Callers stated they had smoke from the 5th floor and could see water from underneath a condo door. First arriving crews reported a five story condo building with smoke showing. Upon reaching the 5th floor crews reported heavy smoke in a residence and water flow from the sprinklers. Crews entered the residence and quickly located the source of the smoke in the utility room with the sprinklers having extinguished the fire.

A total of 10 units were affected by water damage.

PBCFR Members Attend Annual EMS State of the Sciences Conference
Battalion Chief Dan Millstone. Posted on March 3rd , 2015

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue members travelled to Dallas in late February to attend the annual EMS State of the Sciences Conference (dubbed by media as "A Gathering of Eagles"). It has become one of the most progressive and important EMS conferences worldwide.

The faculty, derived from the U.S. Metropolitan Municipalities EMS Medical Directors Consortium (The "Eagles" Coalition) is comprised of most of the jurisdictional EMS Medical Directors for the nation's 35 to 40 largest U.S. cities' 9-1-1 systems as well as the chief medical officers for several pivotal federal agencies such as the FBI, U.S. Secret Service, White House Medical Unit and also includes several global municipalities such as London (UK) and Sydney (Australia).

In essence, this small but cohesive cadre of leading emergency medical services specialists not only oversee the medical aspects of day-to-day 9-1-1-type emergency responses and early resuscitative interventions for trauma, stroke, cardiac care and other critical emergencies in the nation's (and some of the world's) most populous cities, but most of them are also responsible for much of the medical aspects of homeland security and disaster management in these high-risk venues (in which nearly 100 million persons dwell and make their livelihood). Their ability to deal with these significant responsibilities is, in many ways, facilitated by the close cooperation of this unique convocation of physicians who also generally serve as the main interface between local government and the medical community at large in these metropolitan municipalities.

The purpose of the highly popular annual Eagles conference is to share with participants --- and faculty alike --- the most cutting-edge information and advances in EMS patient care, research and management issues --- as well as trending challenges (and lessons learned from those challenges) --- while also introducing novel patient care strategies and techniques.

Beyond the faculty, this unique global EMS conference is also famous for having pioneered the 10 minute bullet plenary presentation, "lightning rounds" and other innovative educational advances which have not only provided the attendees with 40 or so plenary presentations over 2 days but, according to conference evaluations, have also changed nationwide medical practices almost overnight. Accordingly, the consortium has become extraordinarily influential in shaping future EMS practice trends, medical aspects of disasters and homeland security -- not to mention day-to-day 9-1-1 responses and resuscitations worldwide.

Pictured from left to right:
Juan Cardona, Division Chief of EMS, Coral Springs Fire Department; Dr. Ken Scheppke, Medical Director Palm Beach County Fire Rescue; James Ippolito, Division Chief of EMS, Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue; Dr. Paul Pepe, Founder of the Eagles; Dr. Peter Antevy, Pediatric Emergency Medical Director, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue; Daniel Millstone, Battalion Chief of EMS, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue; Jody Marlow, District Captain, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. Not pictured: Charles Coyle, Captain, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue; Paul Leser, District Captain, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue, Steven Campana, District Captain, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue.

Local Girl Scouts Visit PBCFR Station 57
Captain Albert Borroto/Photos Courtesy Heather Torlucci. Posted on March 3rd , 2015

On Saturday February 28, Girl Scouts of South East Florida Troop 10593 visited Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Station 57 in Boca Raton. The troop was excited to be visiting the fire station and interact with their local heroes. The girls were able to see the equipment on the trucks, firefighters in full gear and witness the platform in action.
Great job by the crew Captain Peter Hund, Firefighter Philip Shriver and Driver Operator Jack Dilgen on providing the girl scouts a visit they will not soon forget and helping them earn their Fire Station Tour Badge.

Late Night Fire Damages Home in Palm Springs
District Chief Doug McGlynn. Posted on February 12th , 2015

At 11:30pm on January 22 crews from Battalion Three responded to a structure fire on Morgans Way in the Village of Palm Springs. Upon arrival of the home with heavy fire auto-extending out the Delta side windows and impinging fire against the weather head, FPL was asked to expedite. The fire lapping upward into the eaves of the home also provided a channel for the attic to be involved. Crews encountered heavy heat and smoke conditions as they advanced their interior lines into the structure. The home was believed to have flashed prior to arrival after windows in the home self vented including the poly skylights at the ceiling. Crews were faced with rapid decision making as they knocked down the large body of fire from the front door, initiated primary searches and removed multiple hurricane panels from around the house.
All occupants safely got out of the home but a family dog pulled from a back bedroom by firefighters and treated with Pet Oxygen Masks regrettably did not survive.

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