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B-Shift Battalion 9 Quarterly Training
Chief Doug McGlynn. Posted on July 30th , 2014

Units from Station 19 performed several high risk training scenarios involving live victim loads on a complex lift and haul system inside the training tower. Members of the team worked together to save a simulated rescue from a 40'drop into a confined space which was performed from the interior stairwell landing where the manhole covers are located. A variety of high point anchors were utilized outside the common use of the tripod which allowed crews to adapt their thinking and overcome the lateral forces of the haul system above the hole. We had additional units from Battalion 9 perform high rise standpipe operations on the south side of the Tower while Level II SCUBA Dives were administered to our Quint program on the Intracoastal at the same time.

Fire in South Bay
District Chief Curtis Rice. Posted on July 28th , 2014

On Monday July 21st at 6:58pm E74 and R73 were dispatched to a reported vehicle fire in South Bay on US Hwy 27 North. Enroute they quickly determined the address given was one street east and based on the direction of the smoke they made the decision to turn into the parking lot of a large plastic recycling company. During their 360 they located a dump truck backed up tight against the building with a load of roofing material on fire inside the bed. Fire had already melted the sides of the aluminum dump bed and flames were now rolling up the exterior of the Charlie side of the structure. E74 was able to maneuver to the back end of the complex within reach of the 200' cross lay. Capt Adrian Castro immediately called for the 1.75" line to be put in service to knockdown the fire as well as keep it off the building and away from the brand new membrane roof above. E73 was requested to lay a line to E74 at the back of the complex. Water on the fire was quickly declared and the fire was under control. Attempts to move the dump truck did not work. Ladders were used to get a better angle and begin overhaul until the dump truck owner could be located to assist. The QAS was utilized to reach the owner who had a representative on the property within minutes. E73 entered to verify no extension inside and R73 laddered the roof to make sure there was no fire or damage to the roof for the owner. Quick action by all kept the fire from entering the structure or lighting off the new roof. The truck was moved away and the load dumped for a final overhaul.

Officers Development Academy #17 Steady
Lieutenant Tom Reyes. Posted on July 28th , 2014

Twenty PBCFR Lieutenants recently completed 80 hours of officer development training at headquarters. Captain Larry Doelling brought in multiple subject mater experts from both within PBCFR and also the South Florida region to instruct and train the Lieutenants in safety, scene size up, fires commonly found in south Florida, drill planning, EAP, crew resource management, stress inoculation and several other topics. Each company was assigned a multi-company training drill to plan and execute for the 2nd week of class. They chose drills involving MVC, MCI, RIC, VES, and Pediatric Medical Scenarios. All involved felt it was valuable training, but they are happy to go back to a 24/48 schedule. The Lieutenants who made up Officer's Development Academy #17 are:
A. Berlanga, D. Taylor, B. Croes, B. Morrow, T. Massey, J. Maki, D. Cooper, T. Franklin, T. Reyes, L. Kamalu, P. Eldridge, V. Levin, C. Henri, D. Deyo, G. Campa, S. Jatoba, J. Fair, B. Dittmer, Z. Muvdi, A. Albert.

Station 43 Ceremony Welcomes New Engine into Service
Captain Adam Eaton. Posted on July 28th , 2014

On Thursday July 24th 2014 Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Station 43 crew and alumni officially Christened "New" Engine 43 into service. Father Kevin Nelson from Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Lantana offered up an inspiring prayer and with Holy water blessed 10196388 and her crews. Captain Eaton was assisted by those in attendance in performing the traditional "wetting" and "housing" ceremonies.

Thank you to Captain Flynn and the Crew of Engine 35 for your services.

Congratulations Extrigators Extrication Team
Lieutenant DJ Manger. Posted on July 17th , 2014

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue's Extrication team the "Extrigators" recently competed at the North American Vehicle Rescue Association World Rescue Challenge. This event which was hosted by the Englewood Fire Department and sponsored by Genesis Rescue tools was held on June 22, 2014 in Clearwater, Florida.
All teams competed in two evolutions.
" 20min. Standard, Where the team performs a rescue operation involving multiple vehicles and assess, package and extricate one stable entrapped casualty.
" 10min. Rapid, which sees teams, perform a rescue of a single casualty from a single vehicle whose condition has deteriorated.
The department congratulates the team on winning three awards at this event!
Second Place - Rapid
Third Place- Standard
Third Place - Overall

Special Operations 'B' Shift Performs High Angle Rescue Training
District Chief Doug McGlynn. Posted on July 11th , 2014

Members of Special Ops 'B' Shift perform scenario based high angle rescue maneuvers with Quint 15 at the Regional Training Complex. Crews were able to deploy some of the battalion's newest gear including the MPD (Multi Purpose Device) which affords major innovations in advanced technical hardware for our rope rescue capabilities. These new high-efficiency pulleys offer several new features that allow a single mechanical advantage system to be used as a lowering device on the main line and belay line systems while greatly expediting to a raising system without switching out or replacing the hardware. This means shorter rigging set-ups and faster rescue times for our suspended victims. This scenario was a window washer rescue nearly 50ft off the ground with the rooftop eyelets utilized as high point anchors. Future training sessions are pre-planned to include a lowering system elevated stokes operations off the north side landing.

Special Operations Team Called to Suburban WPB Home
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on July 8th , 2014

On Monday July 7 crews from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Special Operations responded to reports of a hazardous material incident on the 100 block of 1st Street in suburban West Palm Beach. On arrival crews located approximately two (2) pounds of Mercury in an abandoned home. The Special Operations Team entered and safely secured the Mercury in a proper container. Subsequent atmospheric testing showed no danger present and the situation had been mitigated. The Department of Environmental Protection was contacted to pick up and properly dispose of the material.

Church Bell Ringing once again thanks to PBCFR Crews
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on July 7th , 2014

Captain Appleby, Station 91 A shift, recently received a phone call from a parishioner of the St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Lake Worth with a unique request for assistance. They have a bell in their church tower that is rung to signal the start of church service. It appeared that someone had been too enthusiastic when pulling the rope that rings the bell located 50 feet up in the church tower, the bell was now stuck and they needed help. Because the bell was beyond the reach of ground ladders, arrangements were made to use Quint 47 to help solve the problem. The plan was reviewed and approved by Fire Rescue, and after a brief discussion with the Parish Priest, "Operation Bell Tower" was launched. Quint 47 laddered the bell tower and easily freed the bell. While there, they applied some grease supplied by the church to help ensure the bell continues to ring for future church services.

Quint 47: Captain Ed Kranski, Jason Cohen, Matt Hyman. Station 91: Captain Steve Appleby, Joe Cokusis, Rory Kimbrell, Lt Jose Gutierrez, Ryan Sheppard, and Tad Bentley.

PBCFR Crews Battle Mid Morning Fire in Palm Springs
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on June 30th , 2014

At 1030 am on Saturday June 28 Palm Beach County Fire Rescue crews from Palm Springs responded to reports of a structure fire at 345 Osborne Dr. First arriving crews reported a single family home with black smoke coming from the front and side. Firefighters were advised by neighbors that the owner was not home but that there may be 3 dogs inside. Crews quickly entered the home to search for the dogs while a fire attack was initiated. The fire was located in the kitchen area of the home and quickly brought under control. Primary and secondary searches for the animals did not locate any pets in the home.
The Red Cross was contacted to assist the displaced homeowner and Investigators were called to determine the cause of this fire.

Great job by all crews on this fire!

Community Assistance and Benefit Corporation Makes Donation to Reserve Battalion
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on June 20th , 2014

The Community Assistance and Benefit Corporation, also known as CAB Corp. has supported Palm Beach County Fire Rescue in the south county area for the past ten years. Their most recent donation to the Reserve Battalion is a twelve foot rigid hull inflatable boat. Over the past three years this amazing organization has donated a Hale portable pump for the safety boat, Med bed for the Polaris 500, and a commercial grade trailer for the new Polaris 750!

PBCFR Recruit Class 58 Graduates Academy
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on June 20th , 2014

Congratulations to Palm Beach County Recruit Class 58 on completion of the academy! We welcome you to our Fire Rescue Family and wish you a long rewarding career.

Abramovitz, Christopher Ayala, Ricardo
Bedgood, Joshua Betancourt, Anthony
Boggio, Brian Bonilla, Walter Jayson
Connell, Martin M. Cooper Jr., Joey
Curtis, Christopher s. Frank, Kyle
Guedj, Jonathan Hernandez, Jose
Hightower, Curtis Hormilla, Luis
Horn, Samantha Kazee, Mark Thomas
Kleier, Jen Knabb, Mark Christopher
Little, Robert Marciante, Michael
Mattson, Tyler Mills, Christopher
Pickens, Jennie Rosenberg, Drew
Staes, Mark Suarez, Rafael
Thomas, Winston Lloyd Torbert, Christopher
Triana, Zandy Weech, Shawn
Young Jr., Paul

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