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Bring Your Kid to Work Day in Battalion Seven
Battalion Chief Sam Haubert. Posted on July 31st , 2015

Battalion 7 observed bring your kid to work day a little differently on July 30th. The day marked the final shift after 36 years of service for District Chief Herb Redmond. It was also the first shift of duty for Herb's son Michael after graduating from Class #62! Michael was assigned at station 73 for his first shift so father and son could work together at P.B.C.F.R. It was a fitting way for Chief Redmond to cement his legacy of service to the City of Lake Worth and Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. Chief Redmond is revered as a role model Chief Officer. While we lose a valuable asset in his retirement, we gain another member for our great Department. It is also the first recorded time that one of us brought our kid to work and left them here! It is truly a win-win for P.B.C.F.R. and the Redmond family! Congratulations to Herb and Michael.

Pahokee City Commission Recognizes Battalion Seven C Shift
Battalion Chief Sam Haubert. Posted on July 31st , 2015

The companies from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue stations 72 and 73 appeared at the Pahokee City Commission meeting on Tuesday July 28 to be recognized for their efforts to save two victims at a mobile home fire at Usher's Trailer Park in May. Tragically, the twin sisters died as a result of the fire despite the heroic rescue from their mobile home. The Commission also recognized PBSO for their part in the incident. The collaborative effort between P.B.C.F.R. and PBSO was heralded by the Commission and members of the community. Each station received a plaque as a token of appreciation.

PBCFR Participates in Wellington Block Party at Tiger Shark Park
Captain Amanda Vomero. Posted on July 29th , 2015

On Saturday, July 18, 2015 Community Education along with the Recruiting Office participated in the Wellington Block Party at Tiger Shark Park. Great Job by all involved!

Battalion Two A Shift Crews Perform Dive Training at Calypso Bay Water Park
District Chief Bruce Arbeit. Posted on July 29th , 2015

PBCFR Battalion Chief Mike Arena, District Chief Bruce Arbeit and members of Battalion 2 A-Shift are pictured here presenting Calypso Bay Manager Diane Rodriguez with an appreciation plaque. Firefighters partnered with the park to perform dive training during the month of July at the facility.

Crews Perform Burn Off at Residential Gas Leak in Suburban West Palm Beach
District Chief Doug McGlynn. Posted on July 28th , 2015

Units from Station 23 and Special Ops respond to a residential LP Gas Leak in West Palm Beach. Residents reported strong smell of gas in the area which came from the bottom of a 100 lbs. cylinder in the backyard of the family's home. Crews performed a recon and realized a breach of the tank at the bottom of the cylinder. Ignition sources were eliminated, Command was established, neighboring homes were evacuated and electrical power was secured. A Hazmat Group was established with Special Ops units so that the crews could setup for an LP Gas Flaring Operation.

This specialized equipment, the Red Dragon Flare-Kit from Flame Engineering, allows crews to hook up directly to a valve on the source tank, which was sitting up against the home, and connect it to the remotely setup flaring stand in the street. This provided the best location for a safe flaring operation while monitoring radiant heat exposures to the adjacent power lines and trees in the front yard. Scene was under control with the hazards contained within 2 hours. Good job to all involved.

Battalion Two A Shift CrewsPerform Large Area Search Training at Aldi Warehouse
District Chief Bruce Arbeit. Posted on July 27th , 2015

Firefighters from Battalion Two A-Shift partnered with Aldi Food Corporation in Royal Palm Beach recently for large area search training. During the month of June firefighters rotated thru the Aldi 880,000 square foot warehouse performing large area search training. Performing this type of training allows our firefighters to be better prepared in the event there ever is an emergency is a large warehouse.
Pictured are Battalion Chief Mike Arena, District Chief Bruce Arbeit and Battalion Two A-Shift Firefighters presenting Aldi representative Rafael Zamora a plaque in appreciation of their partnering in this training.

PBCFR Recruit Class Sixty Two Completes Academy
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on July 27th , 2015

Congratulations to Recruit Class 62 on graduating the academy. We welcome you to our family and wish you a long and rewarding career.

Class # 62 Iron Heads
Jeffrey Blanchard, Philip Cleary, Alexander Crespi, David Dangerfield, Clinton Edwards, John Escobar, Cori Foulds, Nicholas George, Philip Grunder, Dylan Hatton, Christopher Keiper, Sean Lawton, Raul Leon Jr., Jose Lopez, Paul Thomas Manriquez, Grant McCree, Mike Redman, Michael Walker Redmond, Terrence Ramon Rich, Ryan Servidio, Javier Valea Jr., Kyle Vicat, Robert Wood

Urban Youth Impact Group visits PBCFR Headquarters
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on July 27th , 2015

Participants from the ReFrame program of The Urban Youth Impact visited Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Main Headquarters today. The group was given a tour of the facility by Captain Amanda Vomero. They were also able to speak with several representatives from the different sections of the department including Rescue Chief Dan Millstone and Community Education Specialist Marvin Hubert. A highlight for the group was also getting to interact and speak with several members of the department Cadet Battalion.
Great work Captain Vomero!

Gas Leak in Wellington Causes Evacuation of Homes
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on July 14th , 2015

On Thursday morning July 9, 2015 crews from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue responded to reports of a gas leak on the 700 block of Windflower Court in Wellington. First arriving crews reported a heavy smell of propane in the neighborhood. Firefighters identified the leak was from an underground tank between two homes. For safety reasons the surrounding homes in the neighborhood were evacuated (10 homes). PBCFR Special Operations crews entered the area and were able to clamp the pipe and turn the valves off to stop this leak. Evacuations were lifted and residents were allowed back into their homes shortly thereafter. Great job by all involved on this incident.

Firefighters Battle 100 Plus Acre Fire in The Acreage
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on July 14th , 2015

On Wednesday afternoon, July 8, crews from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue responded to reports of a brush fire near 100th Lane North and Grapeview Blvd in the Acreage. First arriving firefighters reported a large brush fire located in a limited access refuge area. This blaze grew to involve over 100 acres before firefighters from Florida Division of Forestry, Palm Beach County Fire Rescue and Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue were able to bring it under control, contain it and allow it to burn itself out.

Firefighters worked on this fire for three days, keeping it from becoming a threat to nearby homes.

Firefighters Battle Three Alarm Fire in Palm Beach Little Ranches
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on July 10th , 2015

At 1049am on July 3, 2015 crews from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue responded to reports of a structure fire on the 11700 block of Acme Rd in Palm Beach Little Ranches. The first responding crews reported a large column of black smoke visible from several miles away. First arriving firefighters stated they had active fire from a large residence. An offensive fire attack was started and a 2nd alarm fire was called. During firefighting efforts there was a partial roof collapse and operations were transitioned to defensive operations. A third alarm was called allowing for more resources to be brought to the scene and the fire was brought under control.

With no available hydrants near the location a water shuttle operation was initiated for this fire.

One dog was treated by firefighters with oxygen on location and turned over to family members. Unfortunately three additional pets died in this fire.

Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Investigators have determined the cause of this fire as accidental. Investigators found that a dryer vent became loose from the vent flue inside the wall, inside the laundry room. The dryer was in use at the time of the fire and over time, the heat ignited the wood wall studs inside the wall causing the fire.

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