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Battalion Four Water Rescue Training
Battalion Chief Doug McGlynn. Posted on August 19th , 2016

Units from Battalion 4 C shift recently hosted water rescue training at American Heritage High School. The training was based on SOG 2420, Water Rescue Incidents Level 1 Dive; it also covered spinal injuries and patient removal using a back board.

Participation in the water rescue training gave employees a chance to exercise and polish their rescue skills. The primary objective of the training was to have firefighters find their own level of confidence in the water while responding to a water emergency.

The training showed that water emergencies are dynamic and could present with a variety of difficulties. However, these difficulties can be overcome with proper training and equipment.

Battalion Four Standpipe Training
District Chief Kevin Shaw. Posted on August 19th , 2016

On "A" shift, August 13, 2016, crews from stations 44, 45, 47, Battalion 48 and Truck 29 came together to train on standpipe operations as well as what to do when there isn't a standpipe. Crews went through skill stations for interior set up, exterior set up, and advancing off of the truck / ladder. Crews then participated in a scenario putting those skills to use. They placed two attack lines and a back-up line in service, conducted search and rescue and hydraulic ventilation. Firefighters train on different aspects of their job everyday to maintain the highest level of service for the citizens and visitors of Palm Beach County.

Firefighters Appreciation Month in Village of Wellington
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on August 15th , 2016

The Village Council of Wellington recently proclaimed The Month of August 2016 as Firefighters Appreciation Month in the Village of Wellington. Palm Beach County Fire Rescue has proudly provided services to the community since 1984 and continues to serve the citizens of the Village of Wellington with fire protection, emergency medical services and many other programs.

Congratulations Darian Nelson on Receiving FCAPBC Scholarship Award
Captain Albert Borroto. Posted on August 3rd , 2016

Mr. Darian Nelson recently received the Fire Chiefs Association of Palm Beach County (FCAPBC) Scholarship Award. He intends to pursue his studies in the EMS Field.
Darian is the son of Angela Brown from Palm Beach County Fire Rescue's Training Division.
Congratulations Darian and good luck with your studies!

Battalion Four Commercial Operations Training at Quail Ridge
Battalion Chief Doug McGlynn. Posted on July 28th , 2016

Battalion Four just completed 17 days of Commercial Operations training at an acquired country clubhouse at Quail Ridge. The training delivered 51 individual training sessions to over 300 company rotations over a 3 week period. The majority of instructors were from Battalion 4, and in addition to training Battalion Four, they also served firefighters from Battalions 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and 9 in addition to companies from Delray Beach Fire Rescue. A special thanks to Captain Bostic, the amazing staff of instructors and Daily Training Leads that made this all possible. The Training served as a pilot and a needs assessment for an upcoming expansion of a popular course known as ICOPS.
ICOPS: COMMERCIAL is a course that has been under development for several years now. About a year ago, the Commercial project was given to Captain Joe Bostic under the notion that we lacked an appropriate commercial training site to beta test the skill stations. Nonetheless, the skill stations were developed and a course syllabus was designed in advance so that when a facility location was made available, a proper class pilot could be performed. Quail Ridge has become that opportunity not only for the ICOPS: COMMERCIAL pilot that we have been waiting for, but also the opportunity to try out a new method of training our firefighters at the battalion level.
The Training and Safety Division is in full support of this decentralized model of fire training under the leadership of the Battalion. All resources from The Training & Safety Division had been made available to us at the Quail Ridge facility under the direction of Division Chief of Training, Dan Millstone.
Quail Ridge Country Club came to us from a Security Guard that chased down Rescue 41 after they had an EMS run in the community. It turns out that, Eric Price, Chief of Community Safety, wanted to share a valuable training opportunity to us and insisted on talking with the local fire chief about it. This should serve as reminder that Customer Service is #1 in everything we do. How we treat each other and EVERY member of the community often reaps a 10-fold result. This principle can work for us or against us depending on how positive the behavior is.
In conclusion, our Department SOG on Large Area Search is being revisited by our people and some of our practices and equipment regarding search ropes and roof operations are being re-evaluated. In addition, our Video Section for Training is filming a Hot Zone segment at the training site featuring our Battalion 4 Instructors this week. I could not be more proud of the work we have done in such a short period of time.
The personal dedication and company level contribution to this project is what makes what we do possible each and every day worth it. Thank you again BATTALION FOUR and all the INSTRUCTORS (Bat3 helped a lot) for your professionalism, dedication and support in bringing great quality training to our firefighters here in Battalion 4.

Fireworks Spark House Fire in Lake Charleston
Battalion Chief Doug McGlynn. Posted on July 28th , 2016

The July 4th holiday can be a very busy time for Fire Rescue and 2016 has proven to live up to that standard. While Engine Company 48 was clearing from another fire call in the same community, a page went out for a fire just two blocks from their location. As they arrived the Company Officer reported there was heavy fire showing from the alpha side garage of a single family home. Furthermore a vehicle was also catching fire inside the garage with extension into the house through an open door leading inside. Residents stated that discarded fireworks material and packages were placed into a garbage pail and placed inside the family garage after celebrations earlier in the evening.

Battalion Four companies quickly accessed the seat of the fire and stopped it from traveling to the rest of the home. Thankfully all occupants were reported safe and accounted for. Good job to all companies on this working fire!

Yumbo Colombia Fire Rescue Representative Visits PBCFR Regional Training Center
Captain Larry Doelling. Posted on July 13th , 2016

Riviera Beach Firefighter Ivan Chong and Chief Alberto Valencia from Yumbo - Colombia Fire Rescue recently visited department headquarters and toured our Regional Training Center. Yumbo - Colombia Fire Rescue is in the process of building a multi-million dollar facility of their own and Chief Valencia visited to see our training facility. While here, Chief Valencia looked at our Training Props, Recruit Academy and Officer Development Programs in detail. Earlier in the week he also visited Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and Coral Springs Fire Rescue.
Chief Valencia said "Thank you very much for your ideas and your time. I am very thankful and will stay in contact with you and Palm Beach County Fire Rescue for input as the project goes on. I am going back to Colombia to fill my objectives and have a lot of work on my hands."
Thank you to Riviera Beach Fire Rescue Firefighter Ivan Chong for the opportunity to spotlight our department.

La Petite Academy Visits Station Twenty Eight in Royal Palm Beach
Fire Safety Specialist Marvin hubert. Posted on July 13th , 2016

Children and staff from La Petite Academy in Royal Palm Beach recently had the opportunity to tour Palm Beach County Fire Rescue Station 28, meet their local firefighters, and participate in a hands on tour of the Fire Engine and Rescue Truck. The children had a lot of fun and had plenty of questions for the firefighters! Although the tour started off with only two children wanting to be firefighters, towards the end that number quickly increased to 13!

Battalion Seven Crews Read to Local Children
Battalion Chief Patrick Kennedy. Posted on July 8th , 2016

Station 72 "A" shift read to children at the Pahokee Library, on June 29th. Battalion 7 crews are often invited to interact with children during summer camps and events, which everyone seems to enjoy!

Crews Battle Two Simultaneous Fires in Battalion Five
Battalion Chief Doug McGlynn. Posted on June 24th , 2016

On June 11th shortly after 5pm a severe thunderstorm moved through the south county region resulting in significant lightening across Battalion 5. Reports of an apartment building fire presented with heavy smoke and fire venting through the roof by arriving crews in the Boca Point community. Crews aggressively attacked the fire from the interior including truck company functions and aerial operations. Command declared a second alarm, instituted Level II Staging and set up a Division 2 in order to bring the fire under control.

Shortly after this another structure fire was suspected as reports for an investigation call came in from smoke coming from another building almost 2 blocks away. Crews from the staging area and the 4th Battalion arrived at the second call to also find a two-story apartment building with heavy fire showing through the roof. Groups and divisions were established along with roof operations in order to bring this second working fire under control including the exposed gable ends. L47 was positioned to mop up with an aerial master stream before the fire was determined out. Investigators are still determining cause and origin.

Good job by the crews from Battalion 4 and 5 on working hard and together on these two demanding structure fires.

PBCFR at Career Day for Palm Beach PACE Program for Girls
Captain Amanda Vomero. Posted on June 23rd , 2016

On Wednesday, June 22, 2016 the Recruitment section along with Traci Moore and Jen Kleier participated in a career day at the Palm Beach PACE Program for Girls.

The foundation of PACE is a gender-responsive culture that provides a safe environment that celebrates girls. PACE offers services that take into account how girls learn and develop and celebrates each girl's strengths and challenges.

We had a great morning at PACE. Thank you to Traci Moore for the referral!

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