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Shoreline Enhancement and Restoration

What do our beaches mean to Palm Beach County? They continue to attract residents, visitors, and sea turtles to our shores. They protect our homes, our roads, and our parks from an unsettled sea. They are home to many species of native flora and fauna. But the beaches, by nature, are unstable. The beach along twenty seven miles of our forty-five mile coastline in Palm Beach County is slowly eroding away. Storm protection provided by the natural beach-dune system continues to be compromised by coastal development, an inevitable aspect of a growing community.

Together with local, state, and federal governments, Palm Beach County has been working to counter the trend through the Shoreline Protection Plan. Over the last ten years, 75 acres of dune and 17 miles of local beaches have been restored. The 19 projects encompass more than twenty miles of threatened coastline in areas with public access. Each project is designed to minimize environmental impact and restore natural habitat. Project funding is provided by specific federal appropriations, dedicated state grants, and local commitment.

County support for the Program includes ad-valorem funds and Tourism Development tax revenue. Where development has impinged on the natural ebb and flow of beach sand, erosion is likely to follow. Though there are no viable permanent solutions to coastal erosion, the restoration and maintenance of coastal areas through beach nourishment, dune restoration engineered structures, and inlet sand transfer provides for continued shore protection, recreation, and natural habitat. With continued intergovernmental cooperation and support, the Shoreline Protection Program will continue to provide a stable strategy for managing our unstable beaches.

Below are links to a few of Shoreline's past and current projects. Check back often as we update and add information about our other countywide projects.

Shoreline Protection Projects
Beach Nourishment
Inlet Management
Dune Restoration



Current Highlights and Upcoming Events

  • Frenchman's Forest Natural Area Closed
    The site will be closed beginning Wednesday, June 22nd while crews are out working. The natural area will reopen on the weekend for public use.
  • Lake Worth Lagoon Fishing Challenge, June 1st - 30th
    Interested in helping collect valuable fisheries information while getting a chance to win a prize? If so, you'll want to participate in this free fishing event. Visit the web page for details. [LINK]
  • Lake Worth Lagoon Initiative Grant Program
    Now accepting applications for FY 2017. Deadline to submit is August 15, 2016. [LINK]
  • Adventure Awaits - Bike and Hike, June 25th 8:00am
    Discover the trails of Loxahatchee Slough with ERM staff during this unique tour that incorporates cycling and hiking. For more details and to reserve your spot, visit the event page. [EVENT PAGE]
  • Environmental Times Newsletter
    Read the latest edition Spring 2016 for highlights on artificial reefs, climate change, LagoonFest and more. [LINK]
  • Lake Worth Lagoon E-News
    Read the latest edition May 2016 for highlights on the Lake Worth Lagoon Fishing Challenge, restoration projects, LagoonFest and more. [LINK]
  • Volunteer Accomplishments in 2015
    See what ERM's volunteers were up to in 2015. [PDF]
  • Mosquito Control Update - Zika Virus
    While ERM's Mosquito Control Division is hard at work taking proactive steps to reducing mosquito popluations learn how you can protect yourself and reduce your exposure to mosquitoe-borne diseases. [PDF]
  • Scavenger Hunts
    Are available at several natural areas for youngsters to complete to recieve their Natural Area Youth Explorer certificate. [PDF]
  • ERM's Status Reports
    Stay up to date on our projects with these monthly publications. [LINK]