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Probation Advisory Board

The Board of County Commissioners contracts with a private vendor for misdemeanor (county court) probation services in Palm Beach County (the 15th Judicial Circuit). The current misdemeanor probation service provider is Professional Probation Services, Inc.

The County Commission directed the CJC to monitor this contract. The CJC created the Probation Advisory Board (PAB) to provide continuing oversight and to ensure compliance with the contract. As part of monitoring the contract, the PAB conducts annual programmatic review of misdemeanor probation operations and services, which includes an overview of all clients' socio-demographic characteristics and random case file audit on selected offender files from all of the service provider's offices. The review focuses on the accuracy, timeliness, quality, and contract compliance in providing services to misdemeanor offenders in Palm Beach County. The report is presented to the CJC and the County Commission.



Probation Advisory Board Members


Judge Leonard Hanser

Rosalyn Baker, Department of Corrections
Steven Cohen, Criminal Defense Lawyer
John Rivera, Public Defender's Office
Adrienne Ellis, State Attorney's Office
Nicole Garcia, United States Probation
Louis Tomeo, Office of Clerk & Comptroller


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